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With us, careers and families thrive: By offering flexible working conditions and employment models, we help parents balance their professional and family responsibilities. The majority of our clinics offer flexible working hours and affordable childcare options. 

Good health is key – for our business and our staff: We encourage our employees to actively manage their health. To this end, we provide a wide range of options to support employees' physical and mental wellbeing.

Additional benefits

Hirslanden employees enjoy a wide range of discounts and benefits, such as quality meals at a very low price at our clinics. Coffee, tea and mineral water are free for all members of staff. Employees also qualify for special discounts on certain purchases, events and services.


Vacation leave

Twenty-five vacation leave days are paid up to the age of 59. From age 60, five supplemental days are added.


Model «Vacation Leave Plus»

 If operationally feasible, we offer our staff the 'free time plus' employment model: Version 1 – Wage reduction of 2.2% = 5 additional days off; Version 2 – Wage reduction of 4.4% = 10 additional days off.


Loyalty benefits

Hirslanden aims to retain employees over the long term and rewards loyalty. From their fifth to their ninth year with us, employees receive two loyalty days per year (additional paid leave). From their tenth to their fourteenth year, they receive three loyalty days per year. From their fifteenth year onwards, they receive four loyalty days per year.

Pension scheme contributions 

The contribution made by Hirslanden to the pension scheme is more than what is required by law. Hirslanden will also support you under the regulations laid down by the BVG in respect of home ownership, and will gladly answer any questions you may have in this regard. More information can be found here.

Health insurance

Hirslanden offers the opportunity to take out insurance from various health insurers at attractive rates. 

Health and accident insurance

Hirslanden insures all its employees against loss of income caused by illness or accidents, making them eligible to receive financial support for up to a maximum of 730 days.


Maternity leave

Hirslanden employees are entitled to 16 weeks' maternity leave commencing at date of birth or the earliest two weeks before the date of birth. During maternity leave they receive 80% of their normal salary in the first year of employment, and 100% as of the second year.


Wages, 13th monthly wage

Wages, 13th monthly wage: If your employment contract stipulates a 13th monthly wage, this will be divided and paid out in June and December.